Ali Beidoun is a video artist born in Beirut and based in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Ali tends to explore the identities of the places in which he lives in. Thus, his work is often stimulated by the transitions that he experienced moving between various countries and cultures. With a diploma in dramatic arts in Beirut and the cinema studies in Bologna, he enriched his artistic practices by mixing different multimedia forms. His theatrical background is very present in his work as a filmmaker. He works on urban contexts with a poetic approach, where the fragility of the individual is amplified in invasive situations such as big cities, factories, and spaces that condition the human psychology. Lately, Ali is very interested in the role of machines in the modern arts and is experimenting with sound design and electronic music. He is involved in a research project on how to form images using midi controls so that they get manipulated in an approach similar to the sound design