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Updated: Dec 23, 2019

An interactive relation between man and Earth is always on, I believe that this is a fact, a nature law! Since the human specie is an indicative part of this nature.

River like Po, as many other important rivers in the world, is a vital vein for a population. It’s because of it; Northern Italy has a specific economic and industrial reality, then such reality reflects itself on the daily life of the people who live around the Po.

Meanwhile, it’s a river that can get risky because of the high probability of getting flooded over the small cities on its sides in the Padana valley. With such a risk, the human behavior can change on various levels, and can impose questions for what regards the ambient, simply because it’s a surviving fact. Though the human or urban cause of a river flood is not major, I tried to have an approach in my project where the human intimacy and a nature disaster can intersect.

In this project, I see two elements that have to do with Earth Effect: The body, and the disaster.

The body in its personal context, it’s intimate. I photographed and filmed a body that is washing itself as a daily routine, consuming water.

The disaster here is the Po after a flood. In a geographical context, it has flooded and invaded several habitats somewhere in the province of Reggio Emilia. I photographed and filmed structures, social spaces, and objects; they all were destroyed by the water.

The both elements have to do with water! Projecting the one on the other is my experiment. I believe that combining these two elements is emotional. Concretely, the material that I can get after exposing the washing body on the river or vice versa is the piece that I want to demonstrate. After all it’s the water that would render the two elements smooth and it would unify them in one piece, so the water in the project is dominant on a visual and the audible level.

We hear the sound of the rain; we see the body that getting washed and consuming water, and a river that flood, a kind of circulation. In this link you find a video sample that contain several modalities to expose the work (it’s always about a video projection on a photo), where we see the alternation game: a minute of “body on river”, another minute of “river on body”.

Password: 12345678

I can introduce some of my thoughts and inspirations that I had before I went through the project, and hopefully these thoughts may become questions or a dialogue, the moment when I demonstrate the work:

The act of cleaning the own body with the water supposed to be a pure pleasure that gets repeated infinitely, would this become a beginning of an environmental disaster? Can the Po, or any other important river, as a vein of life; abort the continuity of this same life once is bad treated?

The rain that we hear in the background is the essence of life; it’s a basic support to the human being, can it suddenly switch role and become disastrous?

On the other side, the gap between a human and an angry nature could disappear, because simply the human is part of the same nature and they can get easily dissolved in each other, the sensation that we can have when melting the two elements. So the moment we realize that mother nature needs a specific attention from us, she can swallow us so that the equilibrium get back again.

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