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Fotonik Noise, is the pseudo name of  Ali Beidoun and a new born sound and visual project that put together all the experimentations that the artist  is doing, mostly using found-sounds, fields sampling, patching electronic hardwares such modular synthesisers, microphones, guitar and pedals, cassettes loops, software programming, gameboy, and audio sources found in flea markets such reel recorders, and music toys. It's mostly developed together with a visual research, and going to be a main component in future theatre projects.

Some of the experimentations are uploaded frequently on his new Youtube channel and his soundcloud profile.


“Turning Point” is a dance performance by Nancy Naous - 4120.Corps, that questions the movement behaviours of middle eastern men and women referring to social and patriarchal codes. My part was performative combined with live music that I constructed by sampling arabic percussions and composing them in a “western music” approach. The music was performed live using samples, synth, bass guitar, voice, and Cabasa.

Theâtre Etoile du Nord, Paris - January & October 2020. The performance will be also at the KaiTheatre in Bruxelles, June 2021.

Turning Point

ElectronVolt is a live sound performance based on Electromagnetic fields sampling through a particular inductor that captures  the non audible electromagnetic fields that surround our daily life. During the live, I sampled also the electromagnetic noise of the video projector and a Tungsten Lamp. In addition, there’s a melodic line that I played on an analogue synthesiser as a tribute to Pierre Schaeffer (1910-1995), the father of the so called “La Musique Concrète”. ElectronVolt is the measuring unit of the electromagnetic energy, the sounds that I sampled are in the range that can be measured in MicroElectronvolt (μeV) and PicoElectronvolt (peV).


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We are Here To Offer you a brighter future. aka. Love Bugs 

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The Search For Power - Tania El Khoury

Polvere di Mare

Reggio Emilia, Province of Reggio Emilia, Italy

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